Specific Modification of GMP in the Railway Area

Work in progress

The project brings a new image to a large boulevard, helps to rationalize and clarify the distribution of the areas assigned to the different companies and to propose an important emblematic axis:
- hyper-functional: it guarantees the most direct and efficient distribution in all the spaces of the shipyards of the gauge transports that oscillate between 20 and 40 meters, and even allows to preserve a free band for experimental mobilities...
- hyper-social: this boulevard must be able to gradually change the entrances of employees and visitors, of group business services... Everyone will be able to have a facade to present themselves (conference rooms, performance rooms, coworking rooms, meetings, bike or TP stations, etc.)
- hyper-sensitive: a style charter to ensure the perception of a contemporary boulevard aesthetic in terms of graphics, surface treatment, orientation, monitoring of the offer of collective or shared mobility...
- Offer the port a public space with a high symbolic value, metaphorically the "Champs Elysées of the Port" and the Plaza, with the ambition of playing a role of great attraction for workers and visitors


Promoter: Ajuntament de Salou /  Drafting team: JORNETLLOPPASTOR / Collaborators: Clavell consulting, Miquel Morell, David Fernández